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Can the People Rule? Democracy and its Dilemmas

(Spring 2019)

A course exploring the many meanings of democracy and its successes and contradictions in the modern period. What makes a political regime democratic? What is the relationship between liberalism, democracy, and populism? Who makes up “the people,” and who is included and excluded within the boundaries of the demos?

Introduction to Democratic Theory

(Fall 2018)

An examination of key works in classic and contemporary democratic theory, including Aristotle, Tocqueville, Dewey, Schumpeter, Habermas, Wolin, and Mouffe. Themes include democracy as a normative ideal, democratic institutions and procedures, and the relationship between democracy and liberalism. 



Foundations of American Political Thought

(Fall 2015)


Spanning from the late colonial period to the emergence of the Federalist and Jeffersonian camps, this course examines the history and legacy of the American Revolution, and the social and political contexts from which it emerged. 

Modern Political Thought

(Summer 2015)


An overview of key texts in the Western political tradition, primarily focusing on Machiavelli's The Prince, Hobbes' Leviathan, Locke's Second Treatise, Rousseau's Social Contract, and The Federalist




Business and Politics

(Spring 2015)


A thematic course on key contemporary issues in American political economy, including the relationship democracy and capitalism, the welfare state, corporate influence on democratic politics, and  the links between class, status, and political voice.


Introduction to American Politics

(Associate Instructor; Fall 2014)


A broad survey course in American politics. Responsibilities included leading discussion sections and grading.