My publications are available for download below. Non-peer reviewed work can be found under RESOURCES.


"Bringing What State Back In? Neo-Marxism and the Origin of the Committee on States and Social Structures" (Political Research Quarterly, 2018)

"Statist Political Science and American Marxism: A Historical Encounter" (Contemporary Political Theory, 2016) 

"Uncertain Knowledge and Democratic Transitions: Revisiting O'Donnell and Schmitter's Tentative Conclusions about Uncertain Democracies" (Polity, 2015)

Works in Progress

"Reconsidering Authoritarian Statism and Authoritarian Populism Today" (in preparation; presented at American Political Science Association, 2019)


“Equaliberty and the Limits of the Democratic State” (in preparation; presented at Association for Political Theory, 2018)


“Which Dictatorship, Whose Democracy? Gene Sharp and the Politics of Nonviolent Resistance” (in preparation; presented at American Political Science Association, 2018)


“Demystifying the Deep State: Toward a New Theory of a Problematic Concept” (in preparation; presented at Tri-Co Political Theory Workshop, 2018)


“The Political against the State: Laclau, Poulantzas, and Radical Democracy” (article in preparation)