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My journal articles and book chapters are available below. Additional writing can be found under WRITING.

"Structural-Functional Marxism" (Published in the Encyclopedia of Critical Political Science, Elgar, 2024)


"Marxist Theories of the State" (Published in the Encyclopedia of Critical Political Science, Elgar, 2024)


"Crisis, Social Reproduction, and the State: Notes on an Uncertain Conjuncture" (published in Marxism and the Capitalist State: Towards a New Debate, Palgrave, 2023)


"The State as Social Relation: Poulantzas on Materiality and Political Strategy" (published in Research Handbook on Law and Marxism, Elgar, 2021)

"The Living Pulsebeat of the Revolution: Reading Luxemburg and Du Bois on the Strike" (published in Creolizing Rosa Luxemburg, Rowman & Littlefield, 2021)

"Socialist Strategy and the Capitalist Democratic State" (Science & Society, 2021)

"Bringing What State Back In? Neo-Marxism and the Origin of the Committee on States and Social Structures" (Political Research Quarterly, 2019)

"Statist Political Science and American Marxism: A Historical Encounter" (Contemporary Political Theory, 2016) 

"Uncertain Knowledge and Democratic Transitions: Revisiting O'Donnell and Schmitter's Tentative Conclusions about Uncertain Democracies" (Polity, 2015)

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