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Review of Artemy Magun, ed. The Future of the State (Rethinking Marxism, 2022)

Review of Max Adler, The Marxist Conception of the State (New Political Science, 2022)

Review of Chantal Mouffe, For a Left Populism (Philosophy and Global Affairs, 2021)

Review of Isaac Kamola, Making the World Global: US Universities and the Production of the Global Imaginary (Perspectives on Politics, 2020)

"Theory in Revolutionary Times: The Socialist Register Since the 1960s" (New Politics, 2020)

Review of Jason Barker, Marx Returns (Jacobin, 2018)

Review of Warren Breckman, Adventures of the Symbolic: Post-Marxism and Radical Democracy (Logos, 2014)

"Liberal Ideology and the Modern World-System" (Historical Materialism, 2013)

Review of Alejandro Portes, Economic Sociology: A Systematic Inquiry (Science & Society, 2013)

Review of George Hartley, The Abyss of Representation: Marxism and the Postmodern Sublime (Science & Society, 2009)



"Volver Peores" (Jacobin America Latina, No. 6, 2022)

"Mountains of Data Need a (Democratic) Horizon" (The Loop, 2022)

"Theses on the Political Crisis" (Legal Form, 2021)

"Trump Has Left the Building, but the Foundations are Still in Place" (The Nation, 2021)

"The Washington Riot Was a Defeat for the Far Right, Not a Triumph" (Jacobin, 2021)

"Key Concepts: The State" (Critical Legal Thinking/Legal Form, 2020)

"Studying the State: The Legacy of the Committee on States and Social Structures" (Items, 2020)

"The Struggle for Democracy in America as Unending Battle" (Jacobin, 2020)

"Democratic Socialism is a Living Political Tradition" (Jacobin, 2020)

"Global Capitalism, Global Pandemic, and the Struggle for Socialism" (New Politics, 2020)

"Constitutionalism Against Revolution" (Legal Form, 2018)

Translation: "The Loss of Nicos Poulantzas"  (Legal Form, 2017)

"Poulantzas and the Juridical Constitution of the Subject" (Legal Form, 2017)

"Normalizing the State of Emergency: France's Recent Anti-Terror Legislation" (Public Seminar, 2017)

"Ditching the Deep State" (Jacobin, 2017)

"How to Bring Down a Dictator: Reading Gene Sharp in Trump's America" (with Jeffrey C. Isaac, Dissent, 2017)

"Trump and the Anti-Establishment Fantasy: The Balance of Power in the New Trump Administration" (Public Seminar and Jacobin, 2016)

"On Thinking With and Against the State" (Logos, 2016) [PDF]

"How (Not) to Kill a Philosopher: On Louis Althusser" (Dissent, 2014)

"Social Criticism and the Academy" (Contrivers' Review, 2014)

"Some Remarks on Isaiah Berlin" (Dissent, 2010)



Martijn Konings, "In the Biden Era, Neoliberalism is Alive and Kicking" (Jacobin, 2022)

Ilya Matveev: "The Putin Regime is Straining Under its Own Contradictions" (Jacobin, 2022)

Wendy Brown, "Rights Without Bounds" (Dissent, 2022)

Asad Haider, "The Emancipation of All: Marxism in the Age of Identity Politics" (Verso, 2020)

Joe Soss: "How the Criminal Justice System Preys on the Poor" (Dissent, 2020)


Samuel Moyn: "We Can't Settle for Human Rights" (Jacobin, 2020)




"Managing Democracy in Russia"

"State of Disorder: Russia's Ultranationalist Problem

"To Krakow and Back"

"Minority Rights in Estonia, or What Multiculturalism Can Tell Us About Post-Soviet Politics"

"The Specter of Russian Nationalism"

"Two Heads, One State: Medvedev in Russia"



Dead Pundits Society: Marxism and State Theory: Part I | Part II

WIUX Philosophy Hour: Discussing the Communist Manifesto

KGNU Hemispheres: Discussing Trump and the deep state




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